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Payment Method
Our Rates

Accepted methods & plans to pay for our services

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We offer an initial 15-minute phone appointment before meeting online or in-person, which allows us to briefly meet and determine if our services are a good fit for your specific needs in therapy.



Licensed therapist: $175-$200 per session

Associate therapist (pre-licensed therapist): $175 per session

Accepted Forms of Payment

Our session fees are comparable to other clinicians with specialized training and experience. We accept private pay (credit, debit card and Venmo) and payments through Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). We accept very few insurance plans so if you wish to pay through your insurance provider, please be prepared to provide a copy of your insurance card or other documentation of coverage so we can verify whether you are eligible.

If you have questions about your coverage, we encourage you to contact your insurance provider directly to discuss your coverage for services and what, if any, reimbursement they will pay for an out-of-network provider. Many of our clients pay out of pocket and then request a “superbill” (another name for a receipt of services) from us, which they then submit to their insurance provider for partial or complete reimbursement.

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