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Telehealth (Virtual Therapy)

Can't make it in person? Try virtual therapy at the convenience  of your location.

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We offer an initial 15-minute phone appointment before meeting online or in-person, which allows us to briefly meet and determine if our services are a good fit for your specific needs in therapy.

Telehealth (Virtual Therapy)

Online therapy is similar to what many of us have experienced over the past few years with work Zoom meetings. Online therapy works like in-person therapy, except that you can meet with us from the comfort of your home, office, or any other confidential place.

The benefits to online therapy-

  • You’re juggling multiple things—such as work, children and childcare, hobbies—and have limited time, but you're ready to invest in your mental health.

  • Many folks feel more comfortable in their own space and may have limitations that make leaving their home challenging such as traffic, childcare, or the actual distance to the therapy office.

  • Maybe you live in another part of California, but you would really like to work with someone on our team or are struggling to find counseling services in your area.


We are here to help. We provide comprehensive psychotherapy services throughout the state. Contact us to schedule a consultation and get started.


How to prepare for your online session-


A successful online therapy session requires a few things:

(1) A private space. This could be a room in your home, your backyard, your office, or even in your parked car.

(2) You need a good internet or cellular connection—fast enough to stream video

(3) A computer, phone, or tablet with a camera. Depending on your surroundings, you may want  headphones.

What do I need to know for our online session?

Before each scheduled session we will send you a reminder by email and text that includes a personalized video link.

We use a telehealth platform called Simple Practice, which is confidential and HIPAA compliant. If you plan to use a phone or tablet you will need to download the Simple Practice app before your first session.

If you are doing couples or family counseling, you and your partner or family members can attend a session in different locations. You will each be given a link to the session that everyone can use to join separately if that’s most convenient for you.

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